Html/JavaScript/CSS Formatter is an online html/javascript/css beautifier that allows you to reformats and detect your html, javascript and css files for free. Web developers often use minified and obfuscated html, js or css code, it's hard to read and edit. And this online beautifier service can reformat this source code to make it more readable and pretty.

Format Html/JavaScript/CSS: Copy Your HTML/JS/CSS Source Code

Just copy the html, js or css code which you want to format. And paste it to the first textarea below, then click the Format button, the beautified source code string will appear in the seconde textarea below.


Online Html/JavaScript/CSS Beautifier Features

Detect all javascript function (substring, replace, alert, etc), event (include onclick, onload, onchange, etc), property, class, array, object, regex, Date Time and so on.
Support all popular javascript framework, contains jquery, node, AngularJS, Ember, SproutCore, Backbone, Knockout, Spine, CanJS, Meteor, Derby, Yahoo Mojito and so on.
Unpack all css and css3 styles: padding, margin, font, background, text, color, width, height, border, display, transition, position and so on.
Decode all html and html5 elements selector: div, p, a, h1, table, ul, ol, li, input, form, span, iframe and so on.
Code beautification involves parsing the Html, JavaScript and CSS source code into component structures, such as assignment statements, if blocks, loops, etc. With the proper manner, such as indent with 4 spaces, detect obfuscators, space before if condition, don't wrap lines, keep array indentation. Each variable and object will be checked during the formatting.
Formatted html, js and css are all valid, and can be compatible with all the dominant browser. You can run the free online html/js/css beautifier on your Windowns computer, Mac and Linux.