CSS Minifier is an online CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) compressor that allows you to uglify and combine your css style style files for free. While loading a html in the browser, a large css code(current in the html or in the external reference file) will cause the html page open and show slowly. Compressing css will reduce the css file size, saving at least 20% space, which make your html page load faster.

Minify CSS: Copy Your CSS Source Code

Just copy the css style code which you want to pack. And paste it to the left textarea, then click the minify button, the minified css code string will replace in the right textarea.


Online CSS Minifier Features

Based on Yahoo Yui Compressor control, provide the best compressing and minifying of css.
Compress all css and css3 styles: padding, margin, font, background, text, color, width, height, border, display, transition, position and so on.
Combine all html and html5 elements selector: div, p, a, h1, table, ul, ol, li, input, form, span, iframe and so on.
Remove and trim useless white spaces, indentation characters, newlines, and comments. Remove unnecessary code you do not really need to display your web pages in the exact same manner.
Remove all the unneeded code to reduce the disk size of your CSS scripts. Reduced bandwidth consumption of your website. Having a smaller sized CSS script means your visitors can load your website faster because they need to download less bytes.
Minifiy unnecessary large CSS tags/code into much smaller code while your design style and layout will not be affected.
Compact layout and shorter variable names make the css difficult and hard to read, reverse engineer or copy. So that you can use it to obfuscate your css code.
Faster download speed for your users.
Remove empty CSS declarations
Chance RGB color values to a shorter hexadecimal format (#AABBCC reduced to #ABC).
Remove the last semi-colon of a style declaration and extra semi-colons
Compressed css is valid, and can be compatible with all the dominant browser. You can run the free online css compressor on your Windowns computer, Mac and Linux.